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How long does the testing take to complete?

It typically takes 10 days to complete a 50 child panel test and a 100 senior panel test.  Resecuring panels typically take 15 days.  During the summer and holidays, testing may take longer because schools are not in session.

What application torque should be used for my package?

16 CFR 1700.20 says that the torque should be the same as the assembly line. If you do not know this information, a good rule of thumb is to torque to one-half the size of the closure (e.g., 24mm = 12 inch-pounds).

Can Great Lakes Marketing prep my package?

Yes, Great Lakes Marketing can apply closures by hand using a spring torque tester. Additional fees may apply for cycling, filling, or weighing packages.

How do I determine the failure rate of my unit dose package?

Failure rate is based on the toxicity of the product that will be used in the package. If the toxicity is not known, the regulations state that a maximum of nine doses constitutes a failure. If it is determined later that the product being used would be toxic at less than nine doses, you would be able to determine pass/fail results from the report produced for you. Data are collected and reported for all units accessed during the 10-minute test period.

Do I need to put opening instructions on the package?

Yes, in order to conduct a senior or resecuring panel, the directions for the seniors must appear either on the package or on an accompanying instruction sheet. Instructions must be the same font, size, etc. as they appear on the retail package. For child panels, opening instructions are not required.

How will I be updated during the testing?

We email bi-weekly progress reports throughout the testing process.

What do I do once testing is done and I’ve receive my report?

If you are a domestic manufacturer or importer, you need to publish a General Certificate of Conformity (GCC). Requirements for completing a GCC can be found at Note that your GCC does not need to be submitted, verified, or approved in any way by the CPSC–it is a self-issued document that must be available for review on demand. The easiest way to satisfy CPSC’s requirement is to publish the GCC on your company website. GLM can help you complete your GCC by request.

Do the children get the same tool as the senior adults?

The children are not given a tool unless the tool is sold as part of the retail package. Typically, “tools” such as scissors or screwdrivers are not part of the retail package, and thus they are not given to the children. They are used to demonstrate if shown in the directions.

If I conduct a mini test, do the children/seniors tested count toward a full protocol test?

The children/seniors tested count toward a full protocol test if the package and instructions remain the same.

What is a “sequential panel?”

According to the protocol, children may be tested in groups of 50 (up to 200) until a package passes or fails. Depending on how many failures occur, a package may pass, continue (meaning an additional group of 50 children is necessary), or fail.  Sequential panels use statistical modeling to reduce the number of children exposed to packaging, which also make testing quicker and more cost effective.