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Executive Interviews

What are Executive Interviews?

Executive Interviews allows for the collection of precise, detailed information by engaging in rich one-on-one discussion with hard-to-reach respondents over the phone or in person. Results generated from this type of research allow clients to better understand the way they are perceived in both the consumer and business marketplaces. GLM’s executive-level researchers are expertly trained in essential interviewing skills, enabling them to initiate meaningful conversation with key constituents and learn essential insights that are usable, informative, and meet your needs.

How does it work?           

Conducting a successful Executive Interview starts with clearly defined research objectives, after which our team is able to work with the client to design an effective questionnaire and determine feasible method of contact.  Because respondents at the executive level can be difficult to reach, we typically suggest a questionnaire that can be administered over the phone.  Respondents are recruited and scheduled for interviews in advance, giving them time to prepare for the subject that will be discussed.  All executive interviews are recorded and transcribed for data analysis, the results of which are used to create a comprehensive report and recommendations for your decision-making.

What questions can Executive Interviews answer?

  • What are our greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which members of our organization have been the most effective leaders?
  • Who are our peers/competitors in the marketplace?
  • How can our business practices be improved?