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In-Depth Interviews

What are In-Depth Interviews?

In-Depth Interviews are conducted by trained researchers and are used in research that is descriptive in nature and requires the use of visual aids (e.g., photos, written instructions, product packages, etc.).

With proper screening and efficient scheduling, these interviews provide quality information from respondents that meet specific demographic criteria.  Depending on the sample, In-Depth Interviews are conducted GLM’s Toledo facility; studies that include samples from other locations are conducted at a specified facility.

Our data collection procedures include a full range of quality control measures to ensure detailed briefings, accurate sampling plans, and valid response capturing.

GLM also offers live viewing for clients through and digital copies of all audio and video recordings.

How does it work?

Based on the established objectives of the survey, our team of experienced researchers will assist in creating a questionnaire and determining an appropriate sample size for the study.  Depending on the survey, respondents may be members of, representatives of a client’s sample list of customers, or a rented panel who meet the desired demographic criteria.  From these lists, respondents are recruited (either by GLM or by the client) and scheduled for their interview.

All In-Depth Interviews are conducted by members of GLM’s team of experienced interviewers.  Each interview is video and audio recorded, and can be viewed live by the client in order to provide them the opportunity to make changes to the survey and monitor results firsthand.  When interviews are completed, the collected information is analyzed and compiled into a comprehensive report that captures the insights provided by the respondents.

What questions can In-Depth Interviews answer?

  • Are product instructions easily understood?
  • How can our product be improved?
  • Does the proposed ad campaign effectively communicate with consumers?
  • How likely are consumers to use this product?