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Intercept Interviews

Intercept Interviews

Intercept interviews are conducted with shoppers, attendees, or visitors of a public venue with specified characteristics.  This type of research works well when evaluating products or concepts that need to be experienced, when the concepts are complicated and visual stimulus helps, when several ideas or factors are prioritized or evaluated, and when the location draws a “hard-to-reach” group of people. Large samples can be very insightful, but are not totally representative of the entire population.  Intercepts are preferable over focus groups if individual opinions or evaluations are desired.

How does it work?

Interviewing stations can be established in malls, stores, expos, trade shows, or anywhere the target market can be found.  Our trained team of interviewers engage shoppers, attendees, or visitors who approach the interviewing station and ask them to participate in the personal interview.  Potential participants are randomly selected, and are only asked to complete the interview if they meet the desired demographic criteria.  Intercept interviews consist of both close-ended (multiple choice) and open-ended (short answer) questions.  The structure of the interviews allows the participant to expand on their responses and provide further insight on the topic being discussed.

Great Lakes Marketing has relationships with several regional shopping malls within about 150 miles of our offices. We also have relationships with field agencies across the United States who provide access to locations in nearly all major markets.

Intercept Interviews are ideal for:

  • Samples that can be, or should be, drawn from a central or specified location (i.e., shoppers at a particular store, purchasers of particular products, etc.)
  • Stimulus materials that need to be experienced rather than just viewed (i.e., touched, tasted, used, etc.)
  • Samples that are geographically concentrated (i.e., a local organization evaluating promotional materials)