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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

In order for a company to evaluate its progression in terms of customer service, employee performance and customer satisfaction, mystery shopping is an ideal format to accomplish internal quality control and to give insight to the company from an outsider’s perspective. Mystery shopping can be done in any type of industry through highly customized scripts, surveys or scenarios. We help you create a comprehensive evaluation to meet your needs, which you can modify on demand, and we use trained interviewers to “shop” as anonymous customers in order to evaluate your company’s performance as objectively as possible. This process usually takes between a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the industry and intention of the client, in order to gain both positive and negative feedback.

How does it work?

As it is in all types of research, identifying a clear research objective is the crucial first step.  Keeping your objectives in mind, we write a questionnaire and determine the number of mystery shops to be conducted.  Once the script and questionnaire are finalized, they are reviewed in detail with the interviewers who will be conducting the mystery shop.   Depending on the study objectives, mystery shops can be can be conducted either on-site or over the phone.

What questions can Mystery Shopping answer?

  • Is our company providing quality customer service?
  • Does employee performance meet our standards?
  • Are our sales strategies effective?
  • What is it that keeps our customers coming back or drives them away?
  • How can we differentiate our company from the competition?

Additionally, conducting multiple waves of mystery shops at different times can be a great way to evaluate if your customer service or sales strategies are improving.