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Phone Surveys

Phone Surveys

Phone Surveys are conducted by trained researchers and can be used in most research that is descriptive in nature and does not need visual aids. With proper sampling and callback attempts, telephone interviewing provides quality information from random samples.  Our data collection procedures include a full range of quality control measures to ensure detailed briefings, accurate sampling plans, and valid response capturing.  The phone operations are fully monitored with 100% digital verification.
Great Lakes Marketing uses telephone interviews:

  • When telephone numbers are available for the segment
  • When the survey questions require probing or logic checks and/or the information needed is too complex for online research
  • When the sample is not concentrated in one geographical area
  • When recordings of responses can be used to enhance the analysis or reporting of the findings

How does it work?

Based on the established objectives of the survey, our team of experienced researchers will assist in creating a questionnaire and determining an appropriate sample size for the study.  Phone Surveys consist of close-ended questions (multiple choice), open-ended questions (short answer), or a combination of both.  Depending on the survey, respondents may be members of, representatives of a client’s sample list of customers, or a rented panel who meet the desired demographic criteria.

When the survey is finalized, our team of experienced interviews is briefed by the study’s project manager before call attempts begin in our onsite call center.  We monitor the results as the interviews are completed to ensure that the questionnaires are fully completed and are effective in gathering information.  Once the desired number of interviews has been reached, the results are entered into our Survey System database to produce numerical data that is then analyzed, interpreted, and compiled into a report.

What questions can a Phone Survey answer?

  • What are the needs of our target market/how have those needs changed?
  • Where is our business positioned in relation to competitors?
  • How can we improve our products/services?
  • How is our company perceived by consumers?
  • Was our most recent ad campaign successful?