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Focus Groups

Focus Groups

A focus group is 8 to 12 people with defined characteristics gathering together for a discussion on a certain issue, led by a trained moderator. This method works well for companies in the fact-finding stage, for generating ideas, and for evaluating products or concepts that need to be experienced or discussed. The information gathered is qualitative and not representative of the entire population. Proper sample definition and selection is critical.

Client Introduction to Focus Groups

Participant Introduction to Focus Groups

Site Locations


Great Lakes Marketing’s new offices contain a brand new, state-of-the-art focus group facility and viewing area. All focus groups are videotaped, and video and audio copies can be provided to you in DVD format if desired.

Our focus group facility also allows for remote viewing of our focus groups live from anywhere in the world. We also offer video streaming through FocusVision to allow clients to view the focus groups live when they cannot travel. If you are interested in this service, it can be arranged by contacting our office, or you can call FocusVision directly at 1-800-433-8128 (North and South America) or +44 1892 521075 (Europe, Middle East, Africa or Asia).

We also have a trained and experienced focus group moderator available, or you are welcome to provide your own group moderator. Meals and snacks can be catered for respondents and observers.

Check out our new facilities on Executive Parkway.


Our staff can arrange focus groups to take place in the cities of your choice. Our moderator has facilitated off-site focus groups around the country with great success.


Recruiting can be done by our central location interviewing staff for both on-site or off-site focus groups. Our interviewers are experienced with both nationwide and local recruiting on any topic. All respondents that we recruit will receive follow-up contact to ensure an adequate show rate.

Geographical Distance from GLM

Primary Recruiting (Service) Area

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