Landline Phones – Going Extinct?

Remember the days when the phone rang, and everyone in the household rushed to answer the call? Or those days when you got home and asked, “any calls?” Today more than half of adults... Read more

No New Normal

Consumers got a taste of having more power over place and time, and they will not easily go back to their old ways. There is not going to be a new normal.  Normal implies:  conforming to... Read more

Developing a Strategy to Influence

Is the WWW (Wondrous Warehouse of Wisdom) kicking your proverbial assumptions about what influences how people think about your product? In our recent studies of shoppers, 58% said the primary influence on their choice of a major appliance is online... Read more

Perspectives on Thinking about Competition

Data and information have an expiration date – the information you collected last year, and in some industries, last quarter, is old.  The main reason: competition is changing rapidly.  Technology is shifting power to the... Read more