GLM is an Accredited Lab for

16CFR1700, ISO8317, EN14375, EN862, CSAZ76.1,

540CFR157.32(a), ASTMF2517

Great Lakes Marketing is an independent, ISO 17025 accredited child-resistant testing facility. We have been testing safety packaging and lighters for over 35 years to make sure that packaging is safe for household use. We test packaging with hundreds of children and adults each week. GLM has been contracted by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and audited by the Canadian Standards Association. We are a leader in the field of child-resistant packaging and are proudly working to ensure the safety of small children.

What We Do

Great Lakes Marketing is ISO 17025 accredited to perform child-resistant testing of packages, lighters, pesticides, bait stations, and portable fuel containers, according to the following standards:


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  • 16 CFR 1210 – Standard for Cigarette Lighters used by CPSC
  • 16 CFR 1212 – Standard for Multipurpose Lighters used by CPSC
  • EN 13869 – International Standard for Lighters

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Pesticides & Bait Stations

Fuel Containers

Comparison Between International Standards

Other Substances

GLM has been an industry leader when it comes to child-resistant testing for new products such as e-cigarettes, liquid nicotine, retail marijuana, and laundry packets.  We are working closely with the EPA and CPSC regarding potential regulations.  If you are a manufacturer, importer, or retailer for any of these products, please direct any questions to Lori Mitchell Dixon, PhD.

The ASTM is currently working to develop a standard to provide guidance for the packaging and labeling of retail marijuana products (ASTM WK60446 – Standard Guide for Packaging and Labeling of Consumer Resin Cannabis Products for Sale to Adult Consumers, Legally Authorized Medical Users, and Caregivers in a Business-to-Consumer Retail Environment).  As of February 2019, this document is not yet an ASTM standard.  The document is in draft form and is under development within ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis.

In addition to child-resistant testing, Great Lakes Marketing offers a full range of related marketing research services:

Human factors research
Label comprehension studies
Product and package preference research
Consumer opinions and attitudes research

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