We start with your objectives and create a research plan that collects data so you can make informed decisions. We focus on making sure you can use the voice of the customer to guide your strategic thinking and decision making.

Combinations and Creative Solutions

Most research projects require a combination of data collection techniques. An example would be that of a phone-mail-phone survey (or phone-fax-phone) in which the participants are first recruited through phone, mailed (or faxed) the survey and later called again to retrieve the responses. Put the Great Lakes Marketing experience to work for you to design the most insightful and helpful research project.

Define the Research Objectives

Think about:
What information is needed?
What questions need to be answered?
What changes need to be measured?
What actions need to be monitored?

Ask yourself:
Do I know enough to define this carefully or am I still trying to fine-tune the issues?

Define the Sample

Think about:
Who has the information?
Who makes the decisions?
Who influences the decisions?

Where are these people?
Where and when should they be interviewed?
How should we contact them?